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Jeff F.

My husband and I have 12 years of experience with Damian, first in renting a home in the Chevy Chase, DC, neighborhood and later with buying a home in the Sumner area of Bethesda. We have always found Damian to be very professional, and responsive, and reliable. When we were purchasing a home 7 years ago, Damian was very patient with us as we made several offers over the span of 12 months. Buying a home inside the beltway of DC can be a very stressful experience with multiple offers on every property. With Damian, we never felt pressured to pay more than we thought a property was worth just to close the deal. His staff was very friendly and great to work with throughout the entire process. The location of his office in downtown Bethesda was also very convenient. Overall, Damian made what could have been a very stressful process, a pleasant one!

Buyer & Seller

I’ve worked with a few Realtors® in the past, and Damian has been the best by far. Not only is he very experienced in the DMV area and responds promptly to my emails, texts, and calls, but he also understands my whole situation (financial, social, emotional) and the needs of each member of the family and he does his best to meet these needs throughout the process. He understands what works in the market and how to make a winning offer in such a challenging housing market, without pushing you to go beyond what you’re comfortable offering. Throughout the process, I felt clear that he only held me and my family’s interests above all else.


I purchased my house a few years ago with the help of Damian. Of course, selecting and buying a house is a lot of stress and hassle, but Damian made it so easy! He took a lot of effort in getting to know me and my preferences, and based on this showed me the right places, leading to success fairly quickly and a pretty smooth process to complete the necessary transactions. Learning about the experiences of other people in my environment over the years, with other agents, I consider myself lucky! I am still very happy with the I bought at that time and highly recommend working with Damian!

David T. & Mary R.

Having lived in our house for the last 20 years, we were not familiar with all the details and nuances of real estate transactions in today’s environment. Damian Buckley came to our rescue; not only did know all the intricacies of the transaction process, but he was instrumental in our getting top price for our house. He helped us with the presentation and made valuable suggestions on how to show the house in its best light. On the other side, he was very helpful in getting us in touch with a great agent in our new hometown. No doubt about it, Damian Buckley is a sterling agent!


He was a kind, humble and good listener. I tried to sell our condo myself for over a year but I couldn't sell it. Finally, my daughter and her husband introduced Damian, he was their broker when they purchased their home in 2012 and they are still very good friends with Damien since 2012. He sold our condo quicker than we expected. He made us feel very comfortable and friendly so we didn't have any stress as a seller. Thank you always Damian for your kindness and excellent service.

Buyer & Seller

Superb agent, very diligent, well-informed, professional, and very pleasant. Damian quickly found a number of houses that fit our needs and coordinated visits efficiently. I would recommend Damian for either purchasing or selling. Damian works from early in the morning until well into the evening, taking our late-night calls and answering our early morning emails rapidly. We have purchased several houses and working with Damian was by far the best experience.

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